Bring your dev docs to the next level.

Devbook allows you to add interactivity to your documentation with just 3 lines of code.

Allow your users to run code examples right from your docs, execute shell commands, or edit and upload files.

React SDK

// 1. Import the hook. import { Env, useDevbook } from '@devbookhq/sdk' // 2. Define code you want to run in VM. const code = ` > Your code goes here. ` function InteractiveCodeExample() { // 3. Call the hook and a private VM instance is instantiated on our server. const { stdout, stderr, runCode } = useDevbook({ env: Env.NodeJS }) return ( <button onClick={() => runCode(code)}>Run</button> ... ) } export default InteractiveCodeExample

Devbook assigns each visitor of your docs a private VM. With Devbook, you allow your users to explore and play with your API and SDK with zero setup and overhead. Right inside your docs.

Make your docs truly interactive.

Every reader of Devbook-powered documentation gets their own VM instance. To experiment with your API and run any code. Ready in 4 seconds.

Quick startup time

Your readers can start experimenting almost right away with Devbook VMs ready in about 4 seconds.

Zero infra setup

Devbook takes care of everything for you. You can just focus on the final experience.

Customize Devbook VM to fit your use-case

Use the Devbook CLI to easily change the starting environment of Devbook VMs that are assigned to your users.

Install Devbook CLI

$ brew install dbk

Init Devbook in your repo

$ dbk init

Deploy the environment

$ dbk up

Can I use Devbook with {framework}?

Can you spot the trend? If it can handle JS, you can use Devbook.

Vanilla JS? Yes. React? Yes. MDX? Yes. Docosaurus? Yes. Vue? Yes. Svelte? Yes.



Executable code snippets

Private VM for each visitor

Multiple runtimes

Soon Real-time collaboration

Soon Custom runtimes

Soon Pre-built UI

$15 /month





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